Tuesday, September 21, 2010

MICK FOLEY talks R.P.M. @ Newsarama

Newsarama: So Mick, how'd you get involved with comics?

Mick Foley: Well, Shane Riches has probably been the biggest fan of my second novel, Scooter; he hated the first one, Tietam Brown. [laughs]

No, he’s a big fan of that one too. If either of those novels makes it to the big screen it’ll be because Shane has been so resilient in getting those scripts out there. He believed in my ability to tell a story, and he’s been after me for a few years to tell them in a different medium.

Nrama: I read that Jill Thompson, who you collaborated with on two children’s books, also egged you on to try comics.

Foley: Yeah, Jill had been the other one talking to me for awhile about trying to a story in the comic format. And Jill, when she gets a good idea she immediately goes into storyboard mode.

I’m so proud of Jill; she’s just been nominated for a couple Spike Scream awards; I’m thrilled for her.

Before I worked with Jill, I had no idea that most writers of children’s books had no relationship with the illustrator and they were just put together for the story. I loved working with her.

Nrama: Moving on to this new series, what can you tell us about Revere Windsor, the lead character in R.P.M.?

Foley: Shane knew I was a big history buff, and we’d been tossing around the idea of updating a historical character and I thought having it be a descendant of Paul Revere, who is literally a ‘revere’d figure in American history. [laughs]

We then went and gave him a somewhat believable superpower which he uses in his line of work.

Nrama: And what is Revere’s line of work exactly?

Foley: He would be a person to hire to deliver important goods in a brief amount of time. I guess he’s like a courier / mercenary – a Coursenary. [laughs]

Shane had the idea of making him a courier, but that didn’t sound too appealing to me so we started fleshing out ways we could turn it into an action adventure story. Nothing against Cannonball Run, we just had to make ours special.

Nrama: So will the action take place strictly behind the wheel of a car, or does Revere have some fighting chops?

Foley: He’s multi-faceted. The way he fights reminds me of the first time I saw a Jackie Chan movie, in the mid 90s, and it was just so clever. I was over in Japan and I couldn’t understand a word of it, it was either in Mandarin or dubbed into Japanese, but the action was so phenomenal. Not because it was bloody, but really clever. I think the action sequences in R.P.M. are clever because he’s using his hyper-kinetic depth perception to aid him in his quest.

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