Thursday, September 23, 2010

Diamond Comic Distributors "Picks" MAGUS #1

What if magic were real? Or, at least, what if it were real until thousands of years ago, and the world was forced to forget that magic and all its power was a very real part of life and not just the fantasies of fiction.

Magus is the story of our world on the day magic is unlocked and all of humanity once again discovers the gift of magic. Society is turned upside down as the world adjusts to this amazing new discovery and governments all across the globe attempt to contain the chaos. Some will use their new gift for good while others will use it for evil, but for everyone on the planet, life will never be the same.

Jon Price, David Norton, and Rebekah Isaacs find the very human story at the heart of Magus by focusing not on the big picture but on the lives of the individuals — like best friends Ben and Darius — faced with a new and terrifying world. Magus is a truly modern and undeniably unique fantasy, one that will leave you breathless — and yearning for magic of your own.

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