Monday, December 20, 2010


Mick talks R.P.M. with Greg Gutfeld

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2010 - Featuring I.C.E. from 12-Gauge Comics

12-Gauge Comics

I.C.E. FCBD 2011 Edition

The U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement agency (I.C.E.) is charged with keeping our borders secure. The politics are complicated, but they don’t matter to Cole Matai, leader of the best tactical group I.C.E. has to offer. For him, it’s all about protecting the public from men like Luis Morales, head of a ruthless Mexican drug cartel.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

RICHES + HOLDER talk R.P.M. @ Newsarama

Imagine you’re a courier of important and exotic goods. I’m not talking rare animals here, I’m talking top secret merchandise, illegal goods, and generally things the public wouldn’t know about unless WikiLeaks told you. You’ve been hired to deliver a package from Boston to Miami – 1500 miles down the Atlantic Coast – and the only thing standing in your way is the government, private mercenaries and some street gangs. A fast car can help, but you might need something more. It might help that you’re a direct descendant of Paul Revere.

That’s the story in the comic book series R.P.M., which launched as a four-issue series in November. R.P.M. comes from the mind of popular pro wrestler – and frequent comic convention guest – Mic Foley and his writing partner Shane Riches. In a Newsarama interview earlier in the year with Foley, he expressed a long-time desire to write comics – going all the way back to a visit to John Buscema’s house as a child. With R.P.M. #1 on the stands and two in the wings, we turned to co-writer Shane Riches and artist Jose Holder to find out more about this fast-paced series.

Newsarama: How did the ideas that became R.P.M. develop between you and Mick, Shane?

Shane Riches: We batted around several concepts that would appeal to fans of Mick’s hardcore reputation and unique sense of a humor. Ultimately we pursued a story with a lead, Revere Windsor, who is a courier for hire. Mick’s a huge history buff and we both love Boston so we made him a descendant of Paul Revere on his own action-filled midnight ride.

Nrama: How would you describe the lead character, Revere Windsor?

Riches: Revere is one part Die Hard’s John McClane as an individual against extraordinary odds and one part Green Lantern or Daredevil in the sense of his fearless attitude. He carries around a lot of baggage that he’d rather just ignore and drive past -- this tremendous historical legacy to live up to but he’s sort of lost his way when we meet him. His special ability, hyper-kinetic depth perception, is a blessing and a curse. It allows him to see and react to the world faster than anyone, but he gets caught up in the risk and playing the odds with little care of the consequences. His journey forces him to see the world around him again.

Jose Holder: As far as the whole Paul Revere mythos goes, I have to admit as a Canuck that I had some American history to catch up on. Once I was able to absorb the incredible back-story to Revere’s predecessor it became an easier task to conceptualize the character. Our Revere is a hard-edged, adrenaline junky with a mysterious past. Courageous under fire, and armed with a hellish wit and brawny exterior, he’s perfectly poised to lead a life danger and intrigue. There was an intensely collaborative process defining Revere’s look. His visual transformation ran the gamut from street vagabond to high tech adventurer. In the end we opted for a simpler streamlined persona for the book.

(Get the rest of the story, along with never-before-seen art, by clicking the title link at the top of this story)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Rebekah Isaacs and Jon Price Sign and Sketch MAGUS #1 at Midtown Comics Downtown, NYC.

Friday, December 17th, from 1:00PM to 2:00PM
Midtown Comics – Downtown
64 Fulton St, NYC


Downtown: 64 Fulton Street, corner Gold Street.

New York, NY, USA, Tuesday, December 14th, 2010 -- Midtown Comics in New York City will present Rebekah Isaacs and Jon Price signing their new book MAGUS #1 from 12 Gauge Comics. Rebekah will be doing free sketches for anyone who purchases the book.

MAGUS: After being sealed away for thousands of years, humankind's innate ability to use magic is accidentally released. Forces of good, evil - and somewhere in between - race against each other to find the reason for the outbreak. Some want to defend its use and save a world thrown into chaos, others aim for less honorable goals. Ben and Darius, both approaching their 18th birthdays, have strong magic welling up inside of them, much stronger than the average person. They rely on each other and a new group of powerful friends, as they fight to carve out a place for themselves in this strange era.

Rebekah Isaacs has had numerous penciling and inking credits with Marvel and DC Comics, including Ms. Marvel and DV8: Gods and Monsters. Her first break into the comics industry came in 2007 with Hack/Slash and Drafted from Devil's Due. She is currently working on Magus and various things she's not allowed to talk about yet at Marvel.

Jon Price worked across the board in the entertainment industry in television, film, and video games before discovering a calling for comics writing. Magus is his first published work. When he's not writing you might find him playing guitar in NYC nerd rock outfit H2AWESOME. Jon and Rebekah live in Queens with their cat, Fantastic Donut.

MIDTOWN COMICS opened its first store in 1997, and is now the industry’s leading retailer of comic books, graphic novels, and manga, with its online store as well as three landmark NYC locations in Times Square, Grand Central and Downtown. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and the Midtown blog! More information available online at: