Monday, October 18, 2010

Interview with the MAGUS creaative team @ Broken Frontier

BROKEN FRONTIER: To begin could you give the Broken Frontier readership a brief rundown of the Magus's premise and its main players?

JON PRICE: Magus is 'what would happen if everyone in our world could suddenly perform magic?'. Thousands of years ago everyone had magic but it was stripped away from us and locked behind a giant, magical Seal. Now most everyone has forgotten about it and just assumes magic is relegated to fantasy novels and myth. But things are starting to turn and the Seal is breaking, so magic starts leaking out and strange things begin to happen. That's about where we are when Issue 1 starts. Ben and Darius are our two leads - best friends since they were very young. Lena, who opens the book in a very dramatic fashion, is "Wild", meaning she (and a few others like her) can perform magic even though the Seal is in place.

BF: WildStorm fans will know the name Rebekah Isaacs from the current DV8: Gods and Monsters series, but readers may not be so familiar with the names of Magus co-creators Jon Price and David Norton. Could you all give us a quick potted history of your different routes into the comics biz to date?

JP: I worked in television for a while and was a video game tester before that. I've just sort of stumbled around from job-to-job wanting to write. I was working on TV pitches before Magus and when Rebekah and I met, I told her about Magus as a comic book idea and she loved it.

DAVE NORTON: I’ve always wanted to be a writer, any kind of writer, since around the 2nd grade when I realized I would never be athletic enough to be the starting small forward for the Boston Celtics. I never really got into comics as a kid as there wasn’t a comic book store for miles and I spent most of my time in libraries. However, now that I’m part of the comic book world, I’ve come to really appreciate the amount of work and effort in the world building and mythology that comic book creators go through. Those two aspects are my favorite parts of books or tv or comics, and it seems that in comics, more thought is put into mythology and world building than in any other medium right now.

REBEKAH ISAACS: I graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design, and 12 Gauge has had a great relationship with the school, including sponsoring a special elective course in which students competed to have their work featured in "The Ride." I didn't get a chance to take that course, but I was really impressed by their catalog and creative teams, and jumped at the chance to be introduced to Keven at NYCC '09. We were hoping to work together shortly after that, but almost immediately after the Con I got my first Marvel gig, and then right after I was offered DV8. But when things settled down for me and we started pitching Magus a bit later, I sent it to Keven and he loved it!

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