Thursday, October 29, 2009

MTV "Splash Page" wants your feedback on LUKE McBAIN

Trace Adkins is set to star in his own comic book series “Luke McBain”, courtesy of 12 Gauge Comics.

The four-issue miniseries by writer David Tischman (“Bite Club,” “Greatest Hits”), interior artist Kody Chamberlain and cover artist Brian Stelfreeze casts Adkins as Luke McBain; a man who returns to his hometown after spending 14 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit to confront his younger brother for “the soul of the community.”

The story is described as an action/crime thriller in the vein of “Billy Jack” and “Walking Tall.”

Adkins’ likeness and persona were the inspiration for Luke McBain’s character, which was then developed by Tischman and 12 Gauge publisher, Keven Gardner. The first issue is set to come out in November. Additionally, Adkins plans to sell special editions of the first issue at his upcoming concerts.

This will be the first comic book foray for Adkins—who is primarily known for being a multi-platinum selling country singer and for his appearance on “The Celebrity Apprentice.” However, Adkins is the latest celebrity to attempt to crossover into the comic book realm, joining the ranks of Milo Ventimigila and Tyrese Gibson.

12 Gauge previously published one of the more successful books involving a celebrity in other media, Rosario Dawson’s “Occult Crimes Taskforce”, which came out in 2006.

What do you think about the story of “Luke McBain”? Will this be an ideal way to bring in new comic book fans? Sound off in the comment section below or drop us a line on Twitter!

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