Tuesday, August 11, 2009

James O'Barr

A few years ago James O'Barr (legendary creator of THE CROW) and I met at a comic convention. He was a big fan of THE RIDE and I had been a big fan of his for years...a few phone calls later we announced he would be doing an original RIDE story for 12 Gauge. A few years have passed and I get asked about it all the time (which just shows how passionate his fans are and what he means to our industry). I talked with James a few months ago and he said he was still plugging away. The great (but scary) thing is the page count grows every time I talk with him. It started as a 22 pager...and here is what he just told a panel at Wizard Chicago (from a CBR report):

To begin, O'Barr was asked about his upcoming comic book projects. "I've been working on this gothic western. It's called ‘Sundown in Hell.’ Yes, I still have a fetish for Joan Jett 30 years later. And there's this series called 'The Ride.' It follows the life of this '68 Camaro," said O'Barr, noting his affection for the vehicle after owning several and working on cars for three decades.
O'Barr mentioned that "Sundown In Hell" will be a 300-page fully-painted project, while "The Ride" will run between 90-100 pages. The projects have been announced for some time, and O'Barr acknowledged have taken him awhile. "It takes me a little longer [to finish a comic], but to me it's worth it to have complete control and not have to compromise on anything."

I've seen some of the work...it is amazing. I can't wait until I get to post that it is done! I don't know when, but I do know it will have been worth the wait.

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