Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ICE #2 - August 2011

Writer: Doug Wagner

Artist: Jose Holder

Cover: Brian Stelfreeze

ICE #2 (of 4)

Following a string of brutal drug-runner murders in the States, the U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement agency’s top tactical team is in hot pursuit of the killer. As they close in on the suspect (drug-kingpin Luis Morales), chaos erupts on the streets in a jumble of bullets and explosions! As the battle rages, Morales attempts to escape and ICE agent Cole Matai is forced to leave his team and pursue the ruthless killer on foot. Cole corners Morales and gets the upper hand--- but makes a critical decision that will end up haunting him forever.

12-Gauge Comics is known for high-octane action, and ICE is taking that reputation to a new level! Don’t miss the next installment of this summer’s hottest new series!

ICE is ™ and ©2011 12-Gauge Comics, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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